Specify City Service and Domain
Specify the service and the domains where it belongs to (e.g. health, mobility, environment).
Identify Function
Identify the core function of the service, as well as positioning it within the smart city domain.
Articulate Use Case
Identify a marketable use case (i.e. primary business case) for the service.
Clarify Exchange Medium
Identify a number of remuneration options for the service.
List Service Actors
Identify service actors involved in the service co-creation activities.
Identify Actor Resources
Identify the resources (e.g. information, skills, knowledge) and assign to the specific actors.
Define Experience and Value Proposition
Define a value proposition of the service.
Perform PESTLE Analysis
Understand the context within which the service will operate.
Citizens Feedback in Service Design
Include the feedback of citizens during the design of the service for effective and better quality of the services.
Produce Service Description
Structure and synthesize the information acquired for the purpose of modeling and development.