River City established a plan to provide citizens with better, more cost-effective, and quicker digital services. It uses Enterprise Architecture to guide this transformation and facilitate the multi-domain platform in order to enhance city-level operations.


River City Services

River City uses an integrated sensor platform that enhances public services, planning, and security, at a national level. It systematically uses data and sensors to better urban planning, builds more reliable and responsive public transport, and improve health care, and administrative services. The transformation and digitalization of these services are represented by using the following architecture viewpoints.

City Service Architecture Layer Viewpoint
Air quality Service and Road-monitoring Service Context and Service Layers City Service Indicators Viewpoint
Healthcare Service Service and Information (Data) Layers Information Structure Viewpoint
Car Parking Service Service and Information (Application) Layers Application Usage Viewpoint
Footfall-counter Service Service, Information, and Technology Layers Current State – Solution Concept Viewpoint


River City Datasets

River City is committed to improving the services offered to its citizens and tourists, but at the same time wants to help other cities to be empowered by data and to promote transparency, therefore it is publishing its datasets as open data, hence anyone can reuse it.

Domain City Service Datasets Description Datasets
Environment Air quality An observation of air quality conditions at a specific place and time. Air quality Data (JSON Sample)
Transport and Mobility Car Parking Information regarding the availability of the parking spaces in different zones. Carpark Data
Living Healthcare Dataset containing summary on health and health care over the last few years. Healthcare Data


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Domain City Service APIs Description APIs
Environment Air quality Air Quality Observed API based on FIWARE Data Models for Smart Cities. Air quality API (Documentation)
Transport and Mobility Car Parking Car parking APIĀ  based on FIWARE Data Models to monitor the status of parking spots independently. Car Parking API (Documentation)

Conceptual Examples

River City represents its main Smart City initiatives through conceptual examples, making River City a natural testing ground for new and smarter services in different domains (e.g. smart mobility, health care, smart parking, environment) as outlined below.

The footfall-counter service represents a public service of River City which aims to collect the number of people in various
This conceptual example describes the River City initiative with regard to the healthcare service as follows. Figure 1 shows that
This conceptual example describes the River City initiative related to the e-parking service for its citizens as shown in the
This conceptual example describes the River City initiative related to the environmentally friendly routes for its citizens as follows. Fig