The Smart City Project researchers have published the following scientific research papers:


Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Bastidas, Viviana; Helfert, Markus

Standardisation of enterprise architecture development for smart cities Journal Article

Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 10 , pp. 1–22, 2019.

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Singh, Priyanka; Helfert, Markus

Smart Cities and Associated Risks: Technical v/s Non-technical Perspective Inproceedings

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction Research and Applications - Volume 1: CHIRA, 2019.

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Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Helfert, Markus

Connected systems in smart cities: use-cases of integration of buildings information with smart systems Inproceedings

IEREK Press, 2019.

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Bastidas, Viviana; Helfert, Markus; Bezbradica, Marija

A Requirements Framework for the Design of Smart City Reference Architectures Inproceedings

Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2018.

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Helfert, Markus; Bastidas, Viviana; Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh

Digital and Smart Services-The Application of Enterprise Architecture Inproceedings

International Conference on Digital Transformation and Global Society, pp. 277–288, Springer, Cham 2018.

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Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Bremser, Christian; Helfert, Markus; Piller, Gunther

A Comparison of Smart City Development and Big Data Analytics Adoption Approaches. Inproceedings

SMARTGREENS, pp. 157–164, 2018.

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Bastidas, Viviana; Bezbradica, Marija; Helfert, Markus

Cities as Enterprises: A Comparison of Smart City Frameworks Based on Enterprise Architecture Requirements Inproceedings

International Conference on Smart Cities, pp. 20–28, Springer 2017.

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Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Helfert, Markus; Bastidas, Viviana; Khalilijafarabad, Ahmad

Proposing an Access Gate to Facilitate Knowledge Exchange for Smart City Services Inproceedings

IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 2017, pp. 4117–4122, IEEE 2017.

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Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Helfert, Markus

Taxonomy of smart elements for designing effective services Inproceedings


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Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Helfert, Markus

Utilising latent data in smart buildings: a process model to collect, analyse and make building data accessible for smart industries Inproceedings

Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne, Polish Information Processing Society, 2017.

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Mamkaitis, Aleksas; Bezbradica, Marija; Helfert, Markus

Urban enterprise: a review of smart city frameworks from an enterprise architecture perspective Inproceedings

2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), pp. 1–5, IEEE 2016.

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Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Bezbradica, Marija; Helfert, Markus

Types of IT architectures in smart cities--a review from a business model and enterprise architecture perspective Inproceedings


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Pourzolfaghar, Zohreh; Helfert, Markus

Investigating HCI challenges for designing smart environments Inproceedings

International Conference on HCI in Business, Government, and Organizations, pp. 79–90, Springer 2016.

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