City Domains

In order to improve the lives of its citizens, the River city has decided to focus on three goals, sustainability, quality of life, and economic competitiveness, and to help to achieve these goals, the city is focusing on three domains.

Smart Environment

Over the years, climate change has bringing more challenges which directly affect cities and their citizens. To overcome these challenges, the city is using sensors with the objective to monitor water and air quality, flood control, and noise pollution. And to assist in the cleaning of the city, we are using sensors to improve waste management in the city.

Smart Mobility and Transportation

As any large urban centre, River city faces challenges to reduce congestion and accidents and to combat this, we are using the integration of intelligent transport systems, which allows the:

  • Creation of a single fare card, which enables the citizens to travel around the city using public transport
  • Real-time transport information.

The city also creating safe cycle routes and providing charging stations for electric vehicles to enable their citizens to move around the city.

Smart Living

To improve citizens’ experience using information and technology, our city offers free wifi to the population in several locations of the city.

The citizen can also use the Riverside Dashboard, where updated information related to the city is available to anyone, e.g. local authorities spending budget, real-time information regarding transport and environment, city reports.

The dashboard also provides the opportunity for the citizen to report any problem in his/her area.