Lero Annual Summit, Athlone, Ireland

The Lero Summit took place in Athlone last year in Sep 2019. All members of the Lero team across the centre’s nine higher-education institute partners were invited. There were different sessions organised for all the members, and one of the most exciting session was about the communicating your research. Many lero members participated in it and it was interesting to know different reserach projects across various universities and how to communicate research effectively.

Architecting the Enterprise with Agility & Resilience, Maynooth, Ireland

A workshop entitled with “Architecting the Enterprise with Agility and Resilience – What is the future of Enterprise Architecture?” was conducted on Wednesday Feb 19th 2020 at Maynooth University. The aim of the workshop was to look towards 2025 on the intersection between EA and digital transformation. Where the participants discussed the practice of EA within enterprises and modern software architectural patterns to support digital transformation.

It brought together a small group of experts and leaders that first contemplated the problems and constraints for creating modern enterprise and software architectures followed by the elaboration of strategies and action tasks.

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The Open Group Event, Dublin, Ireland

Prof Markus Helfert and Dr Zohreh Pourzolfaghar presented the Reference Methodology for Developing and Transforming Public Services at the Open Group Dublin Event. They presented how Enterprise Architecture Management can be applied in Smart Cities context to provide the services that citizens need, based on the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM).


Digital Business Research Day (DBRD), Linz, Austria

The third international Digital Business Research Day (2018) was held at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz. The conference provided a platform for researchers and students to present their research in progress and to discuss pressing issues. Example issues are: how to publish research results in high quality outlets, how to position research and research contributions, how to apply research methods, or how to structure and systematically plan a good PhD-thesis.

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Digital Business Research Day (DBRD), Limerick, Ireland

The second Digital Business Research Day  (2017) was held at Lero, Limerick, Ireland. Researchers from the Business Informatics Group (BIG) at the Dublin City University (DCU) organized the event at Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre – at the University of Limerick. The conference team consisted of experienced researchers and professors, providing an opportunity for discussion of research projects in an academically stimulating atmosphere. Moreover, the Digital Business Research Day provides multiple networking opportunities, embedded into a friendly atmosphere.

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Digital Business Research Day (DBRD), Steyr, Austria

The first Digital Business Research Day (2017) was held at the University of Applied Science Upper Austria, Campus Steyr. The main purpose of the event was to provide a forum were researchers of the involved organisations, particularly doctoral students, could present their current research, get some feedback from the researchers and exchange their experiences. In total, seven doctoral students from different stages in their doctoral research projects presented their current work.

Viviana Bastida, Mouzhi Ge and Zohreh Pourzolfaghar presented their research work on smart cities as outlined below,

  • Viviana Bastidas: A Requirements Framework for the Design of Smart City Reference Architecture
  • Mouzhi Ge: Recommender Systems in Smart City
  • Zohreh Pourzolfaghar: Developing a Taxonomy for Designing Smart Services