Ariel University

Research Collaboration for the Smart City Project with Ariel University, Israel. We started a research collaboration project with Professor Iris Reychav from the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management at Ariel University.

The research collaboration focuses on the development of different case studies on modelling services in various municipalities of Israel. We visited different city councils where we presented our Smart City Enterprise Architecture Framework and Methodology. We conducted a case study in Netanya Municipality to improve the current state of a Waste Management Service, Read more .

related articles

  • Architecture Requirements for Modelling Alignment in Smart City Architectures by Viviana Bastidas (Maynooth University), Markus Helfert (Maynooth University) and Iris Reychav (Ariel University). The 21st National Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management in the year of innovation in the era of digital transformation, Tel-Aviv, Israel,  April 2019. Read more